18 June, 2008

23 April…

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why you are so pathetic?
you drive me on crazy..
and you hurt me…
i dont know is this a love or not
but i feel myself cant let you with your heart..
i wonder i was with you before your heart filled..
but why we are in love after you have an owner?

n why i must love you?
it is very hard to let you go
but it is a must..
i dont want to see you hurt further
cos when we spend more time together… i cant let you go…

you have your love.. but why you must love me too??
i am drowned in your ego..
your ego to have 2 piece of love in your heart
could u just choose one of them?
when you beside me… you dont feel bot another missing piece..
but when you with that missing piece.. why you feel me?
why you are so ego?

be the second in your heart is too hard for me…
you are the one that can make my eyes wet…
why.. after i love you..
i feel that i just want to see your eyes… waited for me..
cos i always forget your eyes’ looking at me…
i miss that time we spent together..

i was drunk that time by your love..
now i realize…that its not our destiny to be together…
i was wandering sometimes that you can let that piece of heart away..
n get me to fix that missing heart..
but i was wrong…
i dont wanna be so ego like you do..
he is your love…
he is better than i am…
i still cant tolerate why you can love a guy like me…
why love?

you said that u miss me…
dont you think?
that your boyfriend need u more…

i must let you go love…
i must find a better love that can stay in my heart.. forever.. this is the last messege
from those your ego love…
from those who have been hurt by your ego..
from those who have drowned in your playground….

love him like you love me…
from :
the heart that always remind you to do something

ps. i will always remember the time you hold my hand.


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